In Your Server Room, It’s Always the Dog Days of Summer

by TechRack Systems

Summer at its hottest and most humid is still better than the most forgiving winter day. Still, it’s downright oppressive out there. Seeing the heat rise up from streets and parking lots, it’s hard to shake the feeling that we’re being cooked. Welcome to life as a server.

It’s easy to sit there at our comfortable desks and on our even more-comfortable sofas marveling at the wonders of technology all of that horsepower, all of that storage space. Meanwhile, there’s a server working at full-gas to make sure that your project, in all of its beautiful intricacy, isn’t slowed down by shifting constantly between a half-dozen, memory-devouring applications.


For servers, it’s always the dog days of summer. Which is why it’s critical to house them in network cabinets that maximize their airflow.


The Enterprise cabinets, the strongest among our inventory of server enclosures, constructed with a fully welded steel frame and capable of housing a 2,500-pound load, may look uncompromising, but look a little closer and you’ll see fan tops and perforated front and rear doors. (Split, perforated rear doors are also available.) Together, they’re meant to carry out the hot air that’s being expelled by the servers within. Think how much cooler your house feels when a breeze pushes through the windows in the front and out the ones in the back. That cross-ventilation is the difference between refreshing and suffocating.

Size makes little difference here. It’s not just the large networks that run warm-blooded. That’s why even our small, freestanding server cabinets are designed with perforated walls and front and rear doors.

If it’s getting a little too hot in the shade around your server room or office, think about upgrading your network storage before you reach for the thermostat. A little ventilation goes a long way, which is something we can all appreciate right about now.