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Relay & Telco Racks

Relay & Telco Racks Another method of racking equipment is on Relay Racks (also called Telco Racks). We offer 19" racks in heights of 48", 68", 84" and 96" (24, 36, 45 and 52 rack spaces). They are made with heavy duty steel upright channels and with heavy duty top and bottom aluminum angles. Front and Rear mounting holes are tapped standard #12-24 EIA Spacing. Supplied with two top angles for additional strength and 50 mounting Screws. Weight capacity 750 lbs evenly distributed.

We also offer adjustable horizontal braces so two relay racks can be connected together forming a 4 Post Rack. In addation, we offer a wide variety of computer shelves.
Telco & Relay Racks for 19" Rackmount Equipment
Telecom / Relay racks are ideal for mounting hubs, power backup, rack mount servers and telecommunication equipment. Fully compatible with19" rackmount equipment from all brands