How To Reduce Server Noise. Quiet Server Racks

by TechRack Systems

Even though modern computers are smaller, faster, and more powerful than ever before, persistent noise created by servers and other network hardware can still have a negative impact on workplace productivity.

Numerous studies have concluded that background noises typically present in an office environment can contribute to work-related stress and reduced concentration levels – both of which can ultimately lead to an increased risk for workplace accidents.

One of the background noises that can have an adverse effect on employee productivity is the assortment of noise emitted by your servers. The often loud, high-pitched whine of server fans, switches, and other network-related electronics is annoying to your employees at best and a downright hindrance to overall productivity at its worst. Although it’s impossible to completely eliminate all noise from your server room or data center, there are ways to significantly reduce the ambient noise created by your business technology assets.

One of the best ways to significantly reduce server noise is the installation of quiet server racks. In addition to reducing the noise created by server fans and other noisy components, quiet server cabinets can save your business money by avoiding the costs of planning, designing, and building a purpose-built server room to house this equipment away from employee work areas.

In addition to the cost savings gained by not having to operate a purpose-built server room, quiet computer enclosure cabinets are more energy efficient than dedicated server rooms. In other words, a new server enclosure can save you money every year in energy costs while improving employee productivity and providing the benefits of a dedicated server room without the costs or floor space typically required for these more traditional configurations.

If you have been contemplating an upgrade to your existing IT infrastructure but are hesitant because of the high costs associated with a traditional server room, give us a call first.

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