The EMR Revolution-Why Medical Practices Need Secure Data Storage Solutions

by TechRack Systems

With the movement toward electronic medical records as the industry standard, many small doctors’ offices and clinics find that their data storage and networks need serious overhauls to accommodate these growing needs. While electronic medical records improve patient care, they also increase concerns for the safety and security of patient data as well. Small practices sometimes struggle with the need for new servers, especially in terms of how to organize, store, and protect equipment so that it meets HIPAA standards while remaining functional and accessible. The team at TechRack Systems outfits businesses across all industries, and we have solutions for medical practices of all sizes.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which we can help your office craft safe data storage in any size space:

  • Small server enclosures - These server storage solutions offer the perfect compromise for small offices. They easily stow away under desks or tables, so that you gain the data storage benefits of a small server without having to overhaul your space.
  • Server enclosures - For mid-size practices, larger server enclosures allow you the room to grow, while still offering convenient storage that can be tucked away in a closet or storage room. The extra space also accommodates new equipment additions as needed.
  • Server racks - Larger practices, clinics, and hospitals need server spaces that keep up with their massive data and network requirements, and help keep equipment organized and accessible. We offer numerous products that help streamline any size server room, including connectable server racks.

Beyond our many server storage solutions, TechRack’s products focus on the safety and security of your equipment. Our meticulously constructed products are designed with an emphasis on proper ventilation, while our lockable enclosures meet industry security standards for medical data storage. We also offer accessories like KVM switches and USB port locks so that your set-up truly works to meet your needs, while growing if and when you desire.

Safe, secure servers help your medical office better serve your patients while staying on the forefront of EMR technologies.

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