Five Common Server Room Blunders and How to Avoid Them

customizable network racks to wall-mount server cabinetsby TechRack Systems

As an IT administrator, you safeguard your business’ data and operations through effective network management. You combine your education, training and experience in order to maintain a system that functions reliably and efficiently. However, as you continue to refine your operations, you need to make sure that you don’t succumb to common mistakes that will cost you in both time and money. Here is a list of problems that crop up when IT professionals grow complacent in regards to their server rooms, and don’t use constant vigilance:


  • Drinks in the server room—We know this seems like common sense, but there’s always one person accessing a server room that believes nothing as silly as a drink spill will happen to him or her. In one small, preventable moment, you or a colleague could cost your company thousands of dollars.
  • Lack of adequate password protocols—With hacking on the rise, it takes hackers mere minutes to run through an entire dictionary of passwords. Your company needs defined password policy that matches industry security standards, including protocols for when they need to change.
  • Lackadaisical security—Do you know exactly how many keys exist to your server room and server cabinets, and where they are? You need documentation, access protocols, and an attitude of preparedness. As we grow more comfortable in our roles, we often relax and let things slide. Your inattentiveness or inconsistent practice of adequate security protocols puts your network at risk.
  • Sloppy documentation—You need to document everything from your network map to updates. Otherwise, if something does go wrong, you won’t have the information you need and you risk making a bad situation worse. Furthermore, how will your second-in-command be able to function effectively when you’re not there?
  • Poor organization—Messy cabling not only looks unprofessional, but it also generates real risk to your servers and anyone in the room. Your server room should always be neat, and not a tripping hazard. The right computer cabinets help you store equipment safely, while promoting effective cable management


As a leading provider of quality computer racks and other server storage solutions, TechRack Systems has heard many server room horror stories.

We want to help you maintain a safe, secure, and well-organized server room that sets both you and your company up for success. To learn more, contact a representative today!