From Cottage Business to Budding Enterprise—Tips for Transitioning Your Home-Based Business into Your Office Space

by TechRack Systems

Your home-based business has quickly outgrown your space, and you’ve decided that it’s time to invest in an office space to further your goals. Your entrepreneurial spirit will help you carry out your vision for your business’ future, but you have many hurdles to overcome on your way to success. The journey you’re about to undertake is one of the most difficult for small business owners, because despite their passion, they have no idea how to rescale their logistics to meet their growing needs. One of the most common problem areas include their IT and network setups. Unless they are already IT savvy, they have no clue how technology needs to integrate into their operations.


At TechRack Systems, we understand this challenge, which is why we provide technology storage solutions of all sizes, including small server racks and server enclosures. If you’re ready to craft a new office space for your business, here are some tips for ensuring your technology solutions meet your needs:


  • Invest in an IT contractor. We know that money is always tight during growth periods, but you want a professional to get your tech setups right from the start. Before you hire, however, do your research and get references so that you know you’re dealing with a qualified professional.
  • Likewise, seek an IT consultant who has experience with technology related to your industry. Do you need a simple office setup with terminals and a small server cabinet, or do you need inventory management utilities as well?
  • Learn about your needs and prioritize accordingly. What components are fundamentally necessary now, and what equipment can wait until you are more financially ready to invest?
  • Don’t rush through planning your space, no matter how eager you are to move in. Your technology setups, once in place, can be costly and time-consuming to relocate. Having a well-conceived layout will smooth the transition from cottage industry to enterprise on the rise.
  • Lastly, understand that, while your passion lies with your growing business, the keys to success come from well managed logistics. You have to focus just as much on the inner-working of your business as you do on the products or services you provide your customers.


As you plan your new space, remember that TechRack Systems provides comprehensive IT and data storage solutions for businesses of all sizes.


We can provide affordable server and data storage to meet any space requirements. To learn more, contact a representative and let us help you take your business to the next level.