Techrack | Heavy Duty Workstation & Server Rack Photo Gallery

These are just a few of the many possible for details.  We can also design units to your specifications. Populated Work

Heavy Duty Workstation And Server Rack Solutions And Photos

A. 48"W Work Center

With a 36" deep work surface, two optional middle shelves & bottom rollout tray

B. Populated Work Center
With server storage area (8' wide shown - other sizes available)


C. Work Center

8' Wide populated workstation shown without equipment. Other sizes available.

D. Work Center w/ Peninsula Top

Shown with a 3' wide peninsula, 4' wide work area, and 4' wide server section

Enclosed computer cabinets also available (24" wide shown)

(11' wide work center shown, other sizes available)

E. Work Center

72" wide work center with
integrated 19" rack mounting frame

F. Work Center

Easy access to lower equipment with our bottom rollout server tray.

G. Work Center

Monitors and keyboards are easily viewed on the work center

This work center creates a well organized and compact task area.

H. 48" W Server Rack

With bottom rollout tray

I. Server Rack

shown with front lip and keyboard tray

J. Small Racks

24", 30", 36" and 48" Wide units are available.  Shown with locking cabinet and other options

Ideal for self-contained centers with  keyboard, monitor and mouse

K. Back of Server Rack

Showing Cable Management Options

L. Special Application

Showing pull out keyboard tray and monitor arm.

M. Adjustable Shelving

All upper shelves can be adjusted in height every inch

N. 26" Deep Roll Out Server Tray

Has its own set of casters so it can be moved independently of the rack 

This makes working on your bottom servers a breeze

O. 30" or 36" Deep Work Surface with Oak Bullnose Front

Standard on all Work Centers

P. Cable Trays & Power

Cable Trays may be positioned anywhere on the back of our modules

Power/Surge strips are integrated into the tray

Multiple power strips can be attached

Q. Tilting Shelf with Optional Front Lip

16" D tilting shelf with optional front lip

R. Optional Keyboard and Mouse Tray

hangs off the front of server shelf - for all sizes of shelves