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Computer Rack

Computer Rack TechRack’s heavy duty enclosures provide security and vertical organization to your server and computer equipment, meeting all HIPAA and other security requirements. Our cabinets can accommodate all 19” rackmount equipment from any manufacturer. They are 24”– 42”deep and are 6U high to 44U tall (1U equals 1.75”). Included adjustable, vertical mounting rails are available with either square holes for cage nuts or with tapped holes. While we stock a complete line of large cabinets for rack mount components and shelves, we are also experts in small floor and wall mounted computer racks.
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Wall-Mounted Computer Racks
These wall mount racks and sub-d boxes utilize the extra wall space found in corporate datacenters.

Choose from our double swing sub-D boxes, wall mounted swing racks, sub-distribution wall boxes, local distribution frame cabinets, or wall mounted unit frames.

Accepts all 19" rack mount equipment.

Made in U.S.A. of carbon U.S. steel.
Build Your Own Computer Rack
Build the perfect cabinet for your needs. TechRack offers fully customizable server rack cabinets to fit any requirement. Choose only the components you require.

A wide range of optional accessories and parts are available, thus the ideal solution is just a call away.