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Value 19" Enclosure Racks

Value 19" Enclosure Racks These fully welded metal frame enclosures start at $899. The Server Cabinets are perfect for all 19" Rack Mount equipment.

Available: 23U, 37U and 44U / 48", 72" and 84" high / 24"-36" deep

DELL and all major equipment Compatible - Rated for 1,500 lb. load.

Front locking door comes with your choice of plexiglass or perforated metal. The rear lockable door is perforated metal, for excellent air flow.

Cabinets also equipped with top with 2 fan/cable holes, 2 pair of adjustable depth Vertical Mounting Rails with square holes, set of cage nuts and levelers. Open base. Shipped fully assembled.

Cabinets have a FULLY WELDED steel frame
Made in U.S.A. of carbon U.S. steel. UL Listed. Zone 4 Seismic Rated.