LDF Wall Cabinet - with Corbin CAT 60 Lock Complete with Thermostat, Fan, and Filter Kit Vertical Active RU - 5 RU- 11" deep Fold Down Passive - 4 RU

• Compact shallow design is ideal for small premise, school and office spaces
• Houses 19” multimedia cross connect panels and active network equipment in one cabinet
• 5u rack space for 19” hubs, UPS etc.
• Additional 4u rack space for 19” patch panels that hinges down for front access of terminations
• Optional rail placement provides for deeper equipment mounting (20” deep)
• Cable entrance points include ½” conduit knockouts and standard WM 4000 raceway entrance on all sides
• Secure environment with lock installed on front door
• Vented construction provides dissipation of 160 watts without fan
• Thermostat, Fan & Filter Kit installed in cabinet bottom (optional top placement)
• Door is field reversible from left to right
• UL Listed
• Powder coated finish
• Mounting provisions for duplex electrical box
• Multiple cable tie off points for cable management
• Multiple mounting holes in rear allow for variances in wall studs when mounting
• Ground studs for grounding door to base
• Corbin CAT60 lock installed
Product ID: TR4447-CLC
Overall Dimensions: 24"W x 10"D x 24"H
Weight: 50.00 lbs
Constructed from 16 gauge carbon steel fully welded
Mounting rails are provided with #10-32 hardware
100 lb. capacity
Multiple mounting holes on 16” stud centers
5u vertical oriented rack space 11” deep & 4 passive rack units* Colors available (Color code):
IBM White (W)
Black (BLK)
$612.59 Ask the Experts
Qty: 888-266-3577