Server Storage for Small Business—Why You Need to Rethink Security

by TechRack Systems

As you grow your small retail business, you know that your server provides essential support for everything from inventory to accounting. Modern software has revolutionized operations, bringing the efficiency and technology of big businesses to the small business sector. Likewise, servers have evolved so that they accommodate the needs of businesses of all sizes, ensuring that even the smallest retail shops can fit these utilities within their storefronts. However, these same businesses often store their servers in an insecure manner, never thinking that they’ll face issues of lost or stolen data. Regardless of size, all businesses need to approach server security seriously, and follow best practices for safe storage.


Why is Server Security a Concern For Small Businesses?


When we think about data loss, we often assume it will result from computer viruses or other software malfunctions. However, your server also represents a significant source of vulnerability. Here are just a few of the ways it can be compromised:

  • Overheating due to improper placement and server storage. This common problem stems from a lack of awareness of just how your server operates and its air circulation needs.
  • Theft. While we don’t think about servers as a target for thieves, you would be surprised at what criminals from today’s tech-savvy generation will steal.
  • Access from well-meaning but unqualified employees. Your business needs a specific protocol as to who has access to your server, not only to ensure they are qualified, but also to track/trace who was the last person to work on it. If something goes wrong while you’re gone, the last thing you need as an amateur thinking a hard reset will solve everything.


Both your business’s and your customer’s information deserve protection that is in line with industry best practices. Lockable server cabinets aren’t just for tech companies; they help secure networks of all sizes, including small retail businesses. When you set up your equipment in a secure computer rack, you help safeguard vital information while protecting your investment.


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