Small Businesses and Server Setups—Your Top Three Concerns When Crafting the Heart of Your IT Systems

by TechRack Systems

At TechRack Systems, we often see two approaches to server room designs: those that are thoughtfully planned and laid out, and those that resemble a mishmash, “by the seat of their pants” design process. We understand that for many businesses, their IT development and growth occurs on an as-needed basis, and they may not have the time and resources to give their IT setups the proper attention they need for safety and security. However, we want to encourage these businesses to take a second look at their IT approaches, and ensure that both their server racks and rooms are designed for their long-term success..


We know that smaller, independent businesses sometimes struggle with making their IT setups work within their spaces and budgets, and that leads to unfortunate corner-cutting. We want our potential clients to know that those mega IT companies craft such stringent server room regulations for a reason. That’s why we provide such a wide variety of server enclosures, cabinets and racks; we want to help you with easy, commonsense tips for making the most of your space while protecting your equipment. How can you identify simple areas for improvement? Here are our top three missteps and tips for moving toward a better IT setup:


  1. Ventilation! One of the most common missteps in computer server racks or enclosure placement is not allowing for the proper ventilation. Small businesses are especially vulnerable for this mistake, as they operate under limited space or unusual layouts. You need to know that those ventilation requirements for your IT equipment are not recommendations, they are absolute requirements.
  2. Water! Your server space should never, ever share a wall with any plumbing. This includes everything from bathrooms to water fountains and kitchens. We all want to think that plumbing disasters will never happen, but they do. With your IT equipment being such a huge investment, you do not want to expose it to an unnecessary and certainly preventable risk.
  3. Security! Smaller business often fall into sloppy security habits, which can lead to disaster. While you may not be IBM, you should still treat your server and data with the respect and security requirements that it needs. Your server space or enclosure should always be secure, with strict access protocols and documentation for access points.


The TechRack team is ready to help you create a safe, functional IT setup through our technology storage solutions. To learn more about our products, browse our site or contact a representative today!.