Spring Cleaning Tech-Style—Now is a Great Time to Reorganize that Hodge-Podge Network

by TechRack Systems

Spring is just around the corner, which makes now the perfect time to freshen up your business’ space and operations. Could your hodge-podge network setup benefit from a little reconfiguration? Small businesses especially struggle with integrating technology into their spaces, and their servers and networks sometimes resemble a messy puzzle with a snarled nest of tangled cables. At TechRack Systems, we understand how sometimes, the integration of new technologies occurs in fits and starts, rather than one-time process that blends seamlessly into an environment. We believe that, just as spring motivates us to freshen and organize our homes, it also offers small businesses inspiration to revamp their network setups.

An organized network starts with the right storage, which is why we specialize in customizable server racks that accommodate any equipment and space requirements. Server cabinets should incorporate into your space while allowing for proper airflow and secure storage. For example, rack mount 1U, 2U, & 3U servers have fans that circulate air from the bottom and out through the top, so your server cabinet requires perforated doors. Data cabinets should also help organize cabling so that you streamline your set-up and eliminate mess. Our products conform to the latest industry standards so that you know you are getting storage solutions that will last for years to come.

TechRack Systems focuses on quality and availability so that, when you’re ready for your spring reorganization, we can get your products to you quickly and to your specifications. Here are some more types for reorganizing your network:

  • Set aside the time to rework your system, and make sure it’s during a period that will have the least amount of impact on your business.
  • Have your IT representative prepared to facilitate your equipment upgrades and reorganization, and that everyone is on the same page about your goals and game plan.
  • Think carefully about changes so that you get the outcome you expect. For example, if you are relocating a server, will you end up running too-long cables across your space?
  • Make sure your server storage solutions will accommodate growth. Nothing is worse than spending money on tech equipment only to realize six months later that you need to upgrade again.

Remember, TechRack Systems offers customizable server storage solutions, so browse our products and contact a customer service representative to get started on taking control of your network configuration.