Take a Tech Check-Up and See If Your Network Setup is Working Best for Your Business

customizable network racks to wall-mount server cabinetsby TechRack Systems

As small businesses grow, their tech set-ups need to evolve with them. However, they often add bits and pieces here and there, only investing in products out of absolute necessity. Understandably, they would rather keep their dollars focused on their own growth and profits. After all, infrastructure investments don’t immediately provide noticeable improvements to financial health, and if anything, they seem to take a while to recoup. However, a hodge-podge tech setup does have its drawbacks. For example, as a small business owner, you could be wasting valuable space with an inefficient system. Likewise, you could be inadvertently exposing valuable equipment to potential damage, which would hurt your financial health even more. >

Just as inventory and facility maintence are a necessary evil, so too is managing your technology assets. You should take a step back and consider revamping your network equipment and storage so that it makes the most sense. Your IT consultant can provide invaluable advice on areas for improvement. For example, your server cabinet should only be located away from walls with plumbing pipes and in an area of good ventilation. Likewise, proper placement can eliminate cabling issues. You also need to consider safety and security. You may think your business is low-risk data wise, but server access should always be treated with the same vigilance as your bank account number.

TechRack Systems offers a variety of network racks and cabinets which accommodate any configuration.


We even offer server racks ideal for small businesses so you don’t have to invest in more than you need. We believe that whether you’re the local hardware store or a major corporation, you should always be cognizant of whether your technology and network are serving your business to their fullest. A quick annual assessment will help you know what you have, what you need, and what needs improvement. For questions about any of our storage solutions, contact TechRack Systems today!