The Modern Classroom—TechRack Helps Schools Integrate Technology with Smart Storage Solutions

by TechRack Systems

Today’s classrooms are now a nexus for both learning and technology. From computers to smartboards, schools across the nation are embracing the benefits of how these innovations help prepare their students for the future. However, these schools also face the difficult task of incorporating all of this new equipment into existing spaces and supporting their network needs. At TechRack Systems, we provide comprehensive technology storage solutions, including customizable network cabinets. Whether you are a school administrator looking for storage ideas, or an IT professional representing a school district, we have the space-saving products to protect your equipment and streamline your set-up.


Solving the Network Challenges for Non-Traditional Environments


The challenge for network set-up for schools is two-fold; they operate with limited space and stringent space requirements, and they need cost-saving solutions that can grow with them. Often, server set-ups require creative planning and storage equipment that keeps components completely secure. At TechRack, we offer a wide variety of affordable server enclosures that solve even the toughest storage dilemmas. For example, our wall-mount cabinets tuck servers safely away in back offices or storage closets, while our small server cabinets can be placed under tables or desks. Our products allow schools to take advantage of all that technology has to offer, while making it work within their spaces.

Beyond our server racks, we also offer a variety of products that help support schools’ other technology storage needs.

From wire racks to mobile workstations, we provide durable equipment that integrates into the unique operations of the modern class room.


We believe that technology should be accessible yet secure, and that school administrators need to feel confident about how they incorporate new components into their environments.

As a leader in network storage solutions, TechRack is proud to support our educators with the right equipment to meet their needs. To learn more, contact a TechRack representative today!