It’s Time to Reclaim Our Workspaces

by TechRack Systems

Our devices are getting smaller by the day. And at the same rate, we’re growing a little less dependent on wires and cables. So, tell us, then, how is it that we’re still being crowded out by our desks? Organized as we try to be—and we’re vigilant about paring down to the bare essentials—there’s still a stack of file trays, a desktop and a printer to contend with, none of it fitting together in even the loosest sense of cohesiveness, which only makes it feel more obtrusive than it actually is.

Our phones, tablets and laptops all make life easier, but they have yet to render our conventional set-up obsolete. Until that day comes, the key is maximizing the efficiency of our workspaces. Think “Tiny House, Big Living,” the Office Edition.

Ergo-E-Eazy workstation


The Ergo-E-Eazy workstation measures just under three-and-a-half feet wide. (Stretch your arms straight out to your sides. It’s about half that wide.) Before you start feeling claustrophobic, it makes far better use of its vertical space, with an adjustable height that ranges from 29 inches to 39 inches, than your current desk. Stand if you want, but you’ll never feel cramped sitting. There’s a separate shelf for your printer or files and a freestanding CPU holder and shelf that can be moved just about anywhere around the desk. No more awkward computer cabinets to straddle. Your range of motion is just about as liberal, thanks to the fully adjustable keyboard shelf and mouse tray.


Alekto Workstation


Even more versatile—think home office here—is the Alekto Workstation, which sits on three-inch casters, allowing you to move it out of the way—say, into a closet, when you need to reclaim that bedroom for incoming guests. It sits a mere two-and-a-half feet wide, including the CPU holder, which can be shifted to either side, but, again, its brilliance lies in its vertical capacity. It stands just over four feet tall, and its top shelf can be adjusted in two-inch increments, putting it within reach of your kids—and sparing you from being called every time they print their “research.”

Look, you’re not alone in wishing for the day when the desk will be remembered as an artifact from a more encumbered age. But until we arrive there, we need to start being smarter about our computer racks. We’ve let our baggage dictate the terms of our confinement for too long. It’s time to reclaim our workspaces. Start by contacting us.