Relocating Your Business? Take This Opportunity to Rethink Server Room Design

by TechRack Systems

When relocating your business to a new space, you gain the unique opportunity to rethink your server room space and layout. Your server room provides critical functions for your network, and the right configurations promote optimal equipment performance. In earlier posts, we discussed several important points regardserver rack planninging server rack planning, including ventilation needs, proper equipment placement, and strategic cabling. However, a new space provides the perfect opportunity to dig deeper into server room design, and TechRack Systems wants to help you rethink your space so that you make the most of every inch.

What Are Some Additional Considerations for Server Rooms?

We often see that when small businesses configure a server room, they often attempt to cram equipment into too-small spaces, or do not give enough consideration to clean, careful layouts due to an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. You should approach your server room design with equal concern that you give your business’s public spaces. In other words, treat your server room as if your most important client will see it. Here are some additional points to consider:

·     Make sure you have enough space. Beyond ventilation and cabling needs, your server room should be big enough for your IT professionals to maneuver around comfortably. Your equipment represents a significant investment, and you don’t need it jostled unnecessarily as your IT rep attempts to change out cables or investigate connectivity issues. With so many server cabinets and racks available, you truly can find an innovative way to design a room that promotes clean efficiency through thoughtful design.


·     Think ahead. Maybe you are planning to expand your business, or maybe your aging server will soon need replacing. The worst mistake you can make is to set up a new server room that will be outdated within the year. If you anticipate growth or increased server needs, configure that potential into your design. Likewise, if you anticipate replacing existing equipment, do so before you invest in server racks you may not need with that new server, or at your new location.


·     Consult our experienced professionals regarding server room equipment. The TechRack team consults with each and every client to ensure that we connect them with the right storage solutions for their space and needs. We can help you further understand your needs, the available products that match your server equipment, and how they will work within your space.

TechRack believes that, with careful and strategic planning, you can craft a server storage room that performs for your business, integrates into your space, and provides flexibility for future needs. Contact TechRack Systems today, and let us help you with our top-quality server storage solutions.