Where Should You Place Your Server? Tips for Determining the Most Safe, Secure, and Functional Location

by TechRack Systems

As your business grows, your data storage needs do as well. However, did you know that placement of your server and network equipment requires careful consideration? Far too often, amateur IT technicians care more about easy installation than functionality, so they end up with a server set-up that causes more problems than it solves. Even small server racks require thoughtful placement. Here are just a few points to consider when selecting a location for your server:

·         - More central locations help with running cables efficiently.

·         - Climate control and ventilation are incredibly important, and many server rooms have their own climate controls apart from the facilities’ standard climate controls. The worst mistake you can make is attempt to cram your server cabinet into a space that will contribute to overheating.

·         - You should consider measures that further safeguard your system from potential fire or water damage, and think carefully about how server placement works with existing safety systems. In areas prone to flooding, servers ideally should be located on upper levels if possible.

·         - Servers can be incredibly noisy, so unless you’ve taken measures for sound suppression, a poorly placed server presents major distractions for your employees or peers.

·         - Servers should be located away from bathrooms, HVAC units, and other sources of water, and they should not share walls that have water pipes. Likewise, they should also be located in an area that makes the most sense for their electric power needs.

·         - MMost importantly, you want you server secure, so a lockable room or lockable server cabinet helps safeguard your data and your equipment.


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