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Explore Your Lab Furniture Options to Optimize Your Data Center Space!


Explore Your Lab Furniture Options to Optimize Your Data Center Space!

When it comes to heavy-duty lab/lan environments, open equipment racks and work centers are flexible solutions for creating, organizing, and managing your IT equipment. Better yet, what about a frame system that can be used as both a rack and work area? Here’s everything you need to know about an all-in-one practical solution.

For starters, this modular Lan/Lab Furniture, made of heavy gauge steel, can hold up to 450 pounds per shelf or 1,200 lb total weight load. Units come in increments of 24", 30", 36", and 48" wide and you can connect sections together to make long runs when needed.

The customizable nature of these work center units and their built-in mobility, makes them a great fit for many IT environments:

· Flexibility

o As your equipment needs to expand, you can connect multiple sections together; similarly, you can add or subtract dozens of different components as needed.

o Shelves are adjustable in height to meet the space requirements of your equipment.

o Vertical storage means using less data center footprint.

· Freestanding

o All equipment can be stored in an open environment for easy access.

o You have a desk and server storage space together, when you need it.

o Portability allows you to move the server/work center elsewhere in your data center.

o Because they are not attached to the walls, if and when your data center moves, you will own these units so you can take them with you.

Here are two popular open server/workstation configurations that can be easily customized:

Work Center Unit With Work Surface

When you want an organized, compact work area but also want the flexibility to add equipment, this is a great option. Because it doubles as a Work Center, this model can be used as a desk by an IT professional as well as to store servers on the adjacent shelving. These pre-configured, heavy-duty work centers offer a 36" deep work surface and 26" deep bottom rollout shelf.

Heavy Duty Server Racks
A pre-configured server rack with two 16" deep server shelves and a 26" deep bottom rollout shelf is the solution when you require heavy-duty storage. This server rack is great for gaining space by vertically stacking computer equipment.

Create your own Work Center or Server Rack (or both!)

Create your own configuration by adding or removing any components to either of these setups: from including a peninsula work station and adding enclosed cabinets, to installing keyboard or cable trays and power strips. The possibilities are endless.

For more inspiration on ways to utilize this unique lan/lab furniture, check out the Techrack photo gallery and explore the options. Alternatives include a KVM switch work center, a 72" work center, a 4’ to 19’ long LAN control station, and many more. Techrack also offers free professional guidance in creating a configuration with a customized drawing, showing your equipment on the units.

Bonus idea: Mini workstation solutions for small offices

Need a smaller version of a flexible workstation set up? The compact footprint allows you to store this rack in any location at anytime, even a closet!

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